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·         The course, shop and toilet facilities are open for all players. Only those fully vaccinated are allowed in the bar/cafe area, and the clubhouse deck.

·        Pre-booking is preferred to use the course either by leaving a message or booking on dot-golf. We need to have the name of everyone on the course for tracing purposes.

·       Office Hours 9:30 to 4:00 week days 7:00 to 5:00 weekends.

Match rules & event information
The Match Committee reserve the right to:
  • alter specified dates and times of events
  • alter trophy events and the conditions under which the event will be played
  • draw members in a handicap section other than that which is posted on the handicap board on the day of closing of competition entries (this will be done in conjunction with the handicapping committee)
  • allow members to play in events in a lower division than their handicap provides.
For club events the following rules will apply:
  • only financial members with current handicaps may enter trophy events
  • the Club Championships (both Stroke and Match play) may only be entered by members with full playing rights. (This does not include the following classes of membership; Mid Week, Summer, Winter, 9 hole, Green fee or Country memberships)
  • players must report to the office/shop before starting play
  • a player withdrawing from the event after the draw has been posted must pay the entry fee
  • a player who is late or does not turn up and is disqualified in terms of the Rules is disqualified from the full event
  • all matches played before the due date must be by mutual agreement and have the prior approval of the match committee
In the event of a tie, the following rules apply:
  •  In the event of a tie in stroke play trophy events and qualifying rounds (other than the stroke play championships), a count back system will be used. The following method will be used in counting back for determining a winner where total scores are equal, starting at hole number 18 on the scorecard and working back:
  • the best score over the last 9 holes; if there is still a tie:
  • the best score over the last 6 holes; if there is still a tie:
  • the best score over the last 3 holes; if there is still a tie:
  • the best hole by hole for all 18 holes starting at the 18th hole.

  • In the event of a tie in match play trophy events the sides will continue from their respective starting hole until a side wins a hole. Handicaps will apply as for the first 18 holes.

  • In the event of a tie in Club Championship events, play will continue from hole No. 1 or as determined by the match committee until a side wins the hole or has a lower score.

  • If there is no decision or play by due date, both players of the side will be in default of the terms of the competition.
  • A player returning an incorrectly completed card will be disqualified from an event in terms of the Rules of Golf.
  • A card which has not been signed by both the player and marker will result in the player being disqualified from the event.
  • Where the score signed for is higher than that actually taken, the player will not be disqualified but the higher score will stand.

Club Events - Men
Championship Events
Club Championships Handicap Divisions for men includes Seniors up to 8.5, Intermediates from 8.6 to 14.1, Juniors from 14.2 to 19.0 and Junior B 19.1+
Handicaps will be calculated using your NZGA Handicap Index as at 5:00p.m, on the Friday prior to the Club Champs commencing.
Players may elect to play in a division lower than that provided for by their handicap.
Trophy Events
Match Play Championships - All Groups
Players qualify over 18 holes, the lowest 16 off the stick scores qualify and play off in match play over 18 holes for three rounds. The Senior final will be played over 36 holes, with the other division finals over 18 holes.
The top qualifier in each division will receive a Trophy.
Stroke Play Championships
36 Holes Stroke: Senior, Intermediate, Junior, and Junior B
This event is played over two set days - 18 holes played each day. 
Presidents Cup
18 hole stable ford, played off the white tees. This event is for Non-Interclub players
Queens Plate
18 holes Medal off Handicap
Cooper Cup 36 Holes
18 holes best ball, 18 holes two ball ambrose. Choose your own partner. Played off the white tees.
Summer Cup
Handicap match play event.  Random draw for first round, then elimination until the final. Played off white tees.
All Irons Trophy 
Start Sheet entry. Played off Red tees. 
Note: All trophy events are played off the blue tees unless stated in the format or stated on the day 
Mid Week Events
Ken Meadows Memorial Cup.
18 hole medal off white tees
Ken  Laban Memorial Cup
36 holes Stroke-play on handicap over two nominated Wednesdays.
Ferguson Cup.
Match-play, over 50 years. Top 16 qualify
Stableford Cup.
Played off white tees. Partners drawn by lot. 4BBB. Stableford
New World Open Trophy. 
50 years and over 4BBB Net
Ramset Trophy.
Best net score over two rounds for 50yrs and over
Eclectic Senior Plate
Players 60yrs and over. Best Gross Goblet (Only one trophy per player)
Note: All mid week Trophy events are played off the White Tees
Club Events - Mixed
Murray Thornton Trophy
Mixed combined stableford over 18 holes. Ladies yellow ?Men white tees. Choose your own partner.
Appliance House Cup
Mixed foursomes medal (nett) over 18 holes, played in sixes off the red tees. 
Men & Women Playing Off Same Tees
Men and women playing from the same set of tees will have different NZGA Course Ratings. Since the women’s course rating will usually be higher, women receive additional strokes equal to the rounded difference between the NZGA Course Ratings, with .5 or greater being rounded up.

White Tees Red Tees
Men’s Course Rating  68.4  66.4
Women’s Course Rating  74.4  71.9
Difference  5.5
Strokes to be added  6
Club Events – Women
Club Championships Handicap Divisions
Silver 0 to 18.4
Bronze 18.5 to 40.4
Trophy Events
  • Hill Trophy: Best three out of four rounds, putting
  • Bilderbeck Cup & Medal Cup: Best 3 out of 4 rounds, Medal.
  • Rosebowl: Mid Week and Weekends.Best 3 out of 4 Stableford rounds.
  • Foursomes Cup: One round, choose own partners.
  • Executive Cup: Match play on handicap.
  • Dentice Cup: Three day eclectic.
  • Summer Cup Ladies: Best six medal results on any extra non competition day over summer (i.e. between Presentation Day and Opening Day)
  • Edna Brugger Cup: Silver player of the year.
  • Tregurtha Cup: Bronze player of the year.
 Trophy Events General
  • Any financial full playing member is entitled to enter midweek and weekend competitions.
  • In the event of a tie in daily competitions the result will be decided on a count back.
  • In all competitions played under NZWGU conditions, any objection should be made on the day of play to the match committee.
  • The match committee reserves the right to alter specified dates and events on the programme.
  • The lowest handicap player in the four is responsible for the etiquette of the four players.
Competitions Explained
This is a competition where points are awarded at each hole as follows:
Nett Bogey – one over par 
1 point
Nett Par 
2 points
Nett Birdie – one under par 
3 points
Nett Eagle – two under par 
4 points
Nett Albatross – three under par 
5 points
The winner is the competitor who scores the highest number of points. If your handicap is more than 18, two strokes are allowed on the number of holes that the handicap exceeds. Each of these strokes will be taken in the stroke index order (18 stroke index being the easiest hole on the course and the 1stthe hardest).
e.g. On a handicap of 20, a player receives one stroke on holes numbered 3 to 18 and two strokes each on stroke holes numbered 1 and 2.
International Stableford
Nett Stableford,
Nett Double Bogey or worse
-3 points
Nett Bogey - 1 over
-1 point
Nett Par
0 points
Nett Birdie - 1 under
2 points
Nett Eagle - 2 under
5 points
Nett Albatross or better 
8 points
Nassau Stableford And Par
Standard scoring with the event spread over 1st nine, 2nd nine and 18 holes.
The player decides on what holes the allowed handicap stroke(s) will be taken. This must be decided after the play of a hole and prior to teeing off on the next. The card must be marked where the strokes are taken.
Combined Medal, Par And Stableford
Played in pairs, total their scores.
Bestball Medal, Par And Stableford
Played in pairs, best score with handicap allowance on each hole counts.
South African Stableford
Played in pairs, Stableford scores on each hole are multiplied.
Played in pairs, players alternate the tee off and play alternate shots. 50% of combined handicap.
Canadian Foursomes
Played in pairs, both players tee off, select one ball and continue alternate shots until holed out, 40% of combined handicap.
Played in pairs, each player plays two shots with their own golf ball, then select one ball and continue alternate shots until holed out. 30% of combined handicap.
Teams event. All players tee off, select one ball deemed to be in the best position from which to play the next shot. All play their next shots from that point, continue until holed out.
Handicap allowances:
6 Players divide by 12
5 Players divide by 10
4 Players divide by 8
3 Players divide by 6
2 Players divide by 4
Competition is on a hole by hole basis taking into account your handicap.
The winner of the hole is the lowest nett score
Whichever players team wins the most holes during the round is the winner.
The overall score, after deductions for handicap, at the end of the round or tournament determines the winner.
Nett/ Medal
Gross score less your course handicap
Bogey / Par
Bogey and Par competitions are similar to Matchplay. You either win, lose or halve a hole. A no return on a hole counts as a loss. After entering the stroke score on the scorecard and taking into account your handicap, mark the result with a + sign for a win, a 0 for a half and a – sign for a loss. At the end of the round, the plus and minus signs are totaled and the net result read as up, down or all square.